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We try to provide some basic plumbing and helpful hints for home owners.

  1. Winter is coming. Before the first freeze remove water hoses and cover outside faucets with covers. Insulate pipes in unheated areas.

  2. Know where your water shut offs are located. Check ones under sinks to make sure they turn. Over time these will rust and can cause problems.

  3. Locate and mark where outside shut off valves are located.

  4. Locate and mark any outside sewer clean out valves.

  5. Does your garbage disposal smell bad? Thoroughly grind orange peels or other citrus fruit peelings in the disposal, then run cold water for a couple of minutes. Freeze some vinegar into small ice cubes, then run them thru the disposal. This helps remove bacteria that causes odors.

  6. Is your water bill higher than normal or expected? One good way to check for a leak is to make sure all water faucets are off, then go to the water meter and look at the dial on the top of the meter. If the dial is still moving even very slowly you should suspect a water leak. We can help so give us a call.